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Join the thriving AI Avatar trend. Now, with our cutting-edge source code, you can tap into this lucrative market and create an exceptional user experience that brings personalized avatars to life. See this app that according to the Sensor Tower report, generated $50k last monthAnother great example is the Lensa AI app that generated $16 million in 2022. This is a great niche to be invested in, especially if you have other AI-related apps like AI Art Generator, AI Photo, or AI ChatBot. Build a great iOS apps portfolio, that other companies could pay millions to acquire all your apps in the future.


You will get the source code of the app that you see in the video demo. Nothing more or less than what the video demo shows. Feel free to ask questions before buying. The app is built using SwiftUI, and all photo features are using an API to process the images. We have 2 types of in-app purchases integrated into this app: Consumable in-app purchases, where the user can purchase one of the 3 credit packs defined in the AppConfig. Non-Consumable in-app purchase, where the user can purchase it once in order to unlock all avatar styles and remove the ads from the app.  


You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 14+ installed. This app requires iOS 14+. All app templates on this website are for iPhones, with no iPad support. An AdMob account is required if you want to show ads in the app. You will need an account for the 3rd party API provider, which is free to create. To learn more about the pricing for this API, see the details below.


*** API and Coins System ***
Our goal is to provide the highest quality products, and offer you ways to monetize these products.
Adding In-App Purchase Credits System is an excellent way to earn more revenue, as the users are buying more credits.

We are using a 3rd party API provider, and you can see their pricing below. In the PDF documentation, you will find the URL to this API provider's website.
The application would use your API Key, this means that the API Key should have enough credits to process the user's requests. That's why we have integrated the Consumable In-App Purchases, so users can purchase credits and you can use that revenue to make sure that your API Key has enough credits to process their requests.

You have 2 options to update your API Key credits balance:

1) Pay as you go -> where 100 credits would cost $39 or 1000 credits for $199.

2) Monthly subscription -> where 100 credits would cost $9.90 or 1200 credits for $69.


After your app is published on the App Store, you can add more credits to your API Key as needed.

The great thing about this system is that you can add credits without having to release a new version of the app, simply monitor your API Key credits balance and add more credits as you start to earn more revenue via in-app purchases.

Each successful API call costs 3 credits (for images 512x512), then for images between 512x512 and 1024x1024, the API charges 6 credits, and for images between 1024x1024 and 1920x1080, the API charges 12 credits.



- When the app launches, the users will be welcomed by a 'Get Started' screen with some static AI Avatar examples.

- The app offers 15 AI Avatar styles and one cartoon style. By default, in AppConfig, you can specify which avatar style to be premium.

- The user will select an avatar style, then the iOS native photo picker will be presented where they can choose a photo. After a photo is selected and cropped by the user, this photo will be saved temporarily to Firebase, then the API request will be made.

- Once a photo is processed, if the user taps the save button, this will be saved to the Photos app and to the History tab within the app. When a photo is saved to the History tab, we are storing them in the documents directory.

- The coins/credits offered via in-app purchases are not related to your API Key credits. You will define 3 coin packs in the AppConfig, and how many coins you want to offer for each pack.

- In-App Purchases are handled via a private framework. This framework doesn't support subscriptions. You can use this framework for any other games/apps that you want to add in-app purchases. If you want auto-renewable subscriptions, please contact us or search for 'PurchaseKit by Apps4World' on the website in order to get the full version of the PurchaseKit product.  

This app is a great addition to other app templates that we offer for sale. See our AI Photo app, which could be a fantastic way to mix 2 powerful AI photo processing apps into 1. If you have the skills (or if you want to hire our team), you could definitely combine these 2 apps and add the AI Art Generator app as well. There are endless possibilities when it comes to mixing some of our best apps into one powerful iOS app. Maybe creating a Feed like Instagram, where people can choose to share their avatars publicly, could be a great idea.


If you need any assistance or customization work, don't hesitate to send us an email at 

As always, we wish you good luck with this product, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you could be the first one to know when a new app template is released.

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