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Seize the opportunity of a lifetime with AI Room redesign apps, where monthly revenues are soaring to $60,000! With surprisingly low competition in the market, the time to act is now. Just look at the Arch app's astonishing success—over 100,000 downloads last month alone, underscoring the massive demand for such transformative apps. Don't let this chance slip through your fingers. Our AI Room SwiftUI Source Code is primed and ready for deployment on the App Store today!


You will get the source code of the app that you see in the video demo. Nothing more or less than what the video demo shows. Feel free to ask questions before buying. This app is created using the latest version of Xcode and SwiftUI, powered by AI. We use the Replicate API which has an extremely low cost that you can check here: We paid an average of $0.008 per generated image, this means that you could potentially generate 100 images for $0.8 and this is a huge advantage. Keep in mind that the image quality that you upload may result in different cost, but even with a higher quality image, the costs for this API are very affordable.


You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 15+. This app requires iOS 16+. All app templates on this website are for iPhones without iPad support. An AdMob account is necessary if you want to show ads in the app. We provide you with some basic PDF documentation on how to replace the AdMob Interstitial Ad identifiers, and how to replace the in-app purchase product identifier. An account with Replicate is required in order to use this app. You will be asked to provide your API details in the AppConfig file. We also require you to have a Firebase account setup, which will be used for temporary image storage. There is a PDF guide included on how to setup your Firebase account, and we always offer free support.


- The initial screen presents users with the option to select the type of room they wish to redesign, such as a living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

- Following the selection of a room type, users are then prompted to choose a design style from options like modern, rustic, industrial, or minimalist.

- The final action involves users uploading a photo of their room, which can be done directly from their Photos app. Additionally, they have the option to include a descriptive prompt to further refine the outcome. Although the prompt serves as a guideline, the chosen design style will be the primary influence on the final design, meaning the AI may not adhere to the prompt precisely.

- For each photo submission, users will be deducted 1 coin from their balance. Coins can be replenished through consumable in-app purchases, already set up within the app.

- Initially, users have access to only one room style for free. An opportunity to unlock all styles and eliminate ads is available through a non-consumable in-app purchase, offering an additional revenue stream. The AppConfig file allows for flexibility in deciding which room styles to offer for free.

- In-App Purchases are handled via a private framework. This framework doesn't support subscriptions. You can use this framework for any other games/apps you want to add in-app purchases.



If you need any assistance or customization work, don't hesitate to send us an email at 

As always, we wish you good luck with this product, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you could be the first one to know when a new app template is released.

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