How to build an iOS app to enhance people's appearance?

If you noticed on the App Store lately a lot of Photo Editor apps meant to edit body parts are very popular. With people staying at home, not having an easy access to gyms, they are looking for creative ways to post awesome photos on their social media. 

Adding six-pack abs with just a few taps or trying on stylish lips is something that both males and females are trying to achieve with these apps.

This is your chance to get a slice of this amazing niche.



The full source code/app template exactly as shown in the video demo. Also a PDF file with high-level documentation on how the app works and how to add more styles if you are interested.

You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 11.6 installed. The app supports iOS 11+ and it was written in Swift.

- The dashboard is the main screen that shows up when the app is launched. With a stunning design, this screen will showcase at the top of the main feature. This is a scroll view that automatically scrolls, creating an outstanding experience for users.

On this screen, users can select one of the 3 editing modes: abs, lips, and tattoos. The 4th option can be hidden easily if needed, but if you have more apps on the App Store, it can be a great option to promote your other apps.

- Editor screen is the 'brain' of this app, where user can zoom in/out on the main image selected by the user. Also, the user can select abs, lips, or tattoo and move these around, rotate, zoom in/out and control the transparency for these items.


Be creative. combine this app with Post Maker or Photo Blend and create your own suite of photo editing apps or your small business around great photo apps.

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