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Unlock instant success with our 'Book Summary' source code – skip months of development and leverage our polished solution, powered by ChatGPT and Open Library API, to launch your own book summarization app swiftly and seamlessly. The Blinkist app is bringing in $2,000,000 in revenue, and the Headway app generates $4 million in revenue. Although these apps have gained significant popularity, consider the opportunity: even if you were to secure just 1% of this thriving market, your earnings would still reach a substantial six-figure level.


You will get the source code of the app that you see in the video demo. Nothing more or less than what the video demo shows. Feel free to ask questions before buying. The app is built using SwiftUI. The app uses the free Open Library API to load the book details, book covers, and authors. The book summary feature uses the ChatGPT API. Keep in mind that the app doesn't provide the entire content of the book, we are simply using these APIs to show the book cover, book description, and author if available. All books listed in the app are configured via AppConfig, you simply provide the book and cover identifier.


You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 14+ installed. This app requires iOS 16+. All app templates on this website are for iPhones, with no iPad support. An AdMob account is necessary if you want to show ads in the app. We provide you with some basic PDF documentation on how to replace the AdMob Interstitial Ad identifiers, and how to replace the in-app purchase product identifier. You will need an account with OpenAI to use ChatGPT. The app is using the "gpt-3.5-turbo" model, which is one of the most performant and affordable ChatGPT models at the moment. OpenAI will charge you based on the text tokens/length, which right now costs around $0.002 per 1,000 tokens.


- The primary dashboard of the application features a stationary header housing a bookshelf. This bookshelf comprises books pre-defined in AppConfig, displaying up to 5 books.

- In the Collections section, an array of book collections is presented. All of these collections are established within AppConfig, and you retain the flexibility to append or revise these collections as necessary. Each collection includes the books specified in AppConfig.

- Among the sections are the "Best Books" and "Must Read" categories, both populated with books outlined in AppConfig. Our approach to book definition entails utilizing the book identifier and cover identifier. All these identifiers can be extracted from the Open Library API, and comprehensive PDF documentation on how to locate and integrate books into AppConfig is available.

- Upon selecting a book, a modal screen emerges, featuring the book cover, title, and author. We retrieve the author's name through the Open Library API, while the book might also come with a description and subjects, sourced from the API response.

- Activating the 'Generate Summary' button prompts ChatGPT to generate a summary for the chosen book title. Each API request directed to ChatGPT consumes one credit or coin from the user's balance.

- By default, the app establishes a cap on the number of book summaries users can generate. However, they possess the option to increase their balance by purchasing additional in-app credits. Each submission of a book summary request to the ChatGPT API incurs a charge of one coin or credit, which can be procured via in-app purchases. It's important to note that the in-app credits offered are separate from your ChatGPT API balance; you will need to provide your own ChatGPT API Key for integration.

- In-App Purchases are handled via a private framework. This framework doesn't support subscriptions. You can use this framework for any other games/apps you want to add in-app purchases. If you want auto-renewable subscriptions, please contact us or search for 'PurchaseKit by Apps4World' on the website in order to get the full version of the PurchaseKit product.   


There are so many ways that you improve this app. Provide audio versions of the summaries, catering to users who prefer to listen on the go. Provide users with a curated summary of the day's or week's top books, encouraging regular engagement. For this feature, you may consider using Firebase as a backend so you could configure/send users to push notifications along with new books that you can define in Firebase. Multiple ChatGPT prompts could enable users to generate more than a book summary, for instance: extract the top 5 ideas from this book; provide a list of similar books; what is the main message of this book; how to apply this book in my life; etc.


If you need any assistance or customization work, don't hesitate to send us an email at 

As always, we wish you good luck with this product, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you could be the first one to know when a new app template is released.

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