The Apple award-winning meditation app "Calm" was valued at $250 million back in 2018. This is an awesome niche with huge potential.

We're happy to deliver this great app to you, with backend support so you can upload new content anytime you like without publishing a new version, as well as in-app purchases to maximize your revenue.

Read the documentation here.


iOS app exactly as shown in the video demo with instructions on how to set up the backend and add more categories/sounds. The app has a private framework that we do not include the source code for it, this framework handles the following: in-app purchases, image caching, music player, etc.

You have access to all the UI presentation that you can change as you prefer. To reskin this app should not take you too much time, because it's developed in SwiftUI, you can simply change how the Relax tab categories look like with just a few lines of code.


You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 12. You can probably use Xcode 11 as well, but we highly recommend the latest Xcode version.

You will need a Google AdMob account to show the full-screen ads. Also, a backend account with Back4App. All these accounts can be created for free or upgrade later to paid plans if necessary.


- Meditation/Relax, is the first tab in the app that shows meditation sessions. We have a couple of guided meditation sessions/mp3 files, that are stored in Xcode and some of them are stored in the backed. This tab as well as the next one (Sounds), will fetch data from the backend then aggregate it with the local data.

- Sounds, is the second tab in the app which shows a list of categories with simple sounds. These sounds can be sleep sounds, nature sounds, relaxation sounds or any category you have in mind. You can create more local categories in code OR in the backend. The app is flexible for you to create new items with ease. See the documentation link at the beginning of this page.

- More, is the last tab in the app. It's meant for main app settings. For example, you can turn the Local Notifications on and select a time of day when to receive these notification reminders. You can also add your Instagram URL and Contact URL. Rate app feature is also added as well as Restore Purchases.


*** FEATURES ***
- Xcode 12 and iOS 14 ready
- Minimum iOS 14 support
- Parse backend support (Back4App)
- Daily local notifications/reminders
- Google AdMob Interstitial (full screen) ads
- Non Consumable In-App purchases
- Plays music/sounds in the background


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