Daily Jokes

Your brain releases endorphins when you laugh, which makes you feel happy, so let's make the world a happier place with this app. Do you want to stand out with this app? Scroll to the bottom of this page and get our special version which has a widget as well.


The app as shown in the video demo. Feel free to ask questions before buying.
Assistance will be provided for any code-related questions.

The app has 3 main screens: Explore, where you will find a stack of 10 jokes. Favorites, where user can save jokes. Settings, which allows you to choose a specific joke category and filter jokes based on different criteria like race, nsfw, etc. The app uses a free API that you can see below, this means that all jokes are coming from this API only.

This app can be used for so many ideas: Motivational Quotes, Bible Verses, Flashcards, etc.


You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 12 installed. This app requires iOS 14+.
The entire app is built using SwiftUI. You will need a Google AdMob account for Interstitial ads that are shown in the app.

The app uses a free online API to get all these jokes. You can use this API to submit your own jokes as well. See more details about this API.



- The app will start with a simple welcome/onboarding screen, that shows the main features of the app. You can add more items to it if necessary. This onboarding screen will be displayed only 1 time.

- The Explore screen will make an API request to get the jokes. The API supports a maximum of 10 jokes as of now, so the Explore screen will have 10 joke cards stacked on top of each other. When the user finishes swiping through all these jokes, they will see a card with a refresh button that will make another API request to get new jokes. You may see the same jokes coming back from the API, which is exactly how we designed the app. But if you don't want to show the same jokes more than one time, you can use the joke Id to decide if a joke should be shown or not.

- The Favorites screen will show the jokes that the user swipped right on the Explore screen. The same logic applies as the Explore screen, when the user gets to the last card, they will have the option to refresh, which will put all the joke cards back into the stack. On this screen, the user can swipe left to remove a joke from the favorites list.

- The Settings screen gives the user the option to select a category for jokes, so the API request will ask only for jokes that belongs to the selected category. Another very important option on the settings screen is the filtering, which allows the users to exclude jokes that they don't want to see, for example: nsfw, racial, political, sexual, etc. You will notice on the video demo that the app has 2 types of jokes: The simple ones, that shows the entire text then the Two-part jokes, where you will get a question/text then there will be a Reveal Answer button, which will reveal the second part of the joke.


To make your app standout and give you a competitive advantage, we've added the support for widgets for the special version of this app. You can scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the special version. Everything in the special version is exactly the same as the basic version when it comes to the user interface, the only difference is the option to add widgets to the Home Screen.

The widget will have a placeholder text until you add it to the Home Screen. Once the widget is on the Home Screen, it will gather the settings that the user selected in the app, then make the API request to get the jokes. Based on how many jokes the API will return, the widget will schedule these jokes to be shown within 1 minute interval. Must run on device. Simulators seems to have issues rendering widgets most of the time.

Every single time the user moves the app in background, the widget will get notified and will attempt to refresh itself, because the user may have changed the jokes settings.


Please ask questions if necessary before purchasing. If you need any help or a price for custom work, don't hesitate to contact us.

As always, we wish you good luck with this product and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you could be the first one to know when a new app template is released.

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