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I failed my driver’s license test. What do I do now? When you’ve failed your driver’s license test, all is not lost. You have the chance to retake the driver’s license test three times before starting the licensing process again. This niche will never go away, as long as people will continue driving cars. You, as an entrepreneur, iOS developer, have a great opportunity to offer driving test apps. In the USA, you can easily create 50 apps for each US State, or you can create 1 app and let the user choose their state. But that's not all, you can use this app template to build apps for different countries around the world because all you need is to prepare the questions/answers into a JSON file.


You will get the source code of the app that you can see on the video demo. Nothing more or less than what the video demo shows. Feel free to ask questions before buying. The app is built using SwiftUI and supports iOS 14+.

The app uses 3 local JSON files, where each file belongs to a different driver's license type: motorcycle, car, and commercial CDL license. Each JSON file has 5 questions as examples, but you can find a list of questions/answers online for your US State or Country, then fill out the JSON files as needed. Very easy to add more questions, specify categories or specify image names in the local JSON file.


You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 12 installed. This app requires iOS 14+. All app templates on this website are for iPhones, with no iPad support.
The entire app is built using SwiftUI. The app has Google AdMob Ads, so you will need an AdMob account.


- The user starts on the main page, where they can choose between motorcycle, car, or commercial driver's license tests.

- The data is loaded from a local JSON file, and each category of tests (ex: easy, medium, hard, etc) are specified in the local JSON, and images for each category are loaded from the app. You can easily add more categories, replace images in Xcode.

- Selecting a category, will present the exam/test screen, where the user gets to read the question, see the image for each question if specified in the JSON file, then select their answer.

- When the user selects an answer, the app will either highlight the answer as correct (green) or wrong (red). The user can navigate through questions, without answering them.

- The app offers a great feature, to show users an explanation for each correct answer, so this feature can be enabled in the app's settings.

- Once the user answered all questions from a given category, they will see an overlay with their passing score.

- Based on the number of tests the user takes and their score, we will calculate an average percentage, and show them the probability score of them passing the test.

- Another great feature we have, is a list of tips, helping users to learn better and increase their probability score.

- The app has in-app purchases to allow users to unlock all test categories. In-App Purchases are handled via a private framework. This framework doesn't support subscriptions. You can use this framework for any other games/apps that you want to add in-app purchases. 


This app was built with the intention of being used as a driving test app, however, you can easily use it for any kind of exam preparation apps. You can use it for real estate exams, common school exams, IT Certification, etc. As long as you have an idea of exams, where you have a question and 4 answers with 1 correct answer, then you can use this app, adjust your passing score in the AppConfig, do some UI changes and you're good to go.


If you need any assistance or custom work, don't hesitate to send us an email at support@apps4world.com 

As always, we wish you good luck with this product and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you could be the first one to know when a new app template is released.

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