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At the beginning of a new year, a lot of people are looking for a new life change, new habits, and a better life. The App Store trending searches in January showed a huge increase in Habit Tracker keywords and even had a few apps ranking Top #10 in the USA. See this app, for example, is generating $40,000 a monthdespite the fact that at the beginning of January had lots of negative reviews. This is your chance to compete in this space, with a great app with lots of features and a stunning design.


You will get the source code of the app that you see on the video demo. Nothing more or less than what the video demo shows. Feel free to ask questions before buying. The app is built using SwiftUI and supports iOS 14+. The app does not use any backend services, instead, it uses the powerful Core Data storage provided by Apple.


You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 13 installed. This app requires iOS 14+. All app templates on this website are for iPhones, with no iPad support. AdMob account is required if you want to show ads in the app. Make sure your Mac has the CocoaPods already installed since this is a minimum requirement to install the AdMob framework. 


- The user will be prompted to allow notifications permissions as soon as the app launches for the first time. If the user does deny the notifications access, then the app will not send them any reminders, even if they set the reminder time for a habit.

- On the Home tab, there is a list of all habits that the user will create and at the top, we have a horizontal carousel with the last 7 days + tomorrow's date. This carousel can be modified to show more days from the past.

- When the user selects a date from the header calendar, the list of habits will update and show only the habits for that selected date.

- A habit can be either selected from the Trending Habits, which is a list of locally defined habits in the AppConfig, or the user can create their own habit. Each habit must have a unique name, and we do not allow the same habit name to be created twice.

- To complete a habit, the user will simply tap it once, and the list will get sorted with completed habits shown at the bottom. Each habit may require 1 or more check-ins (taps), for example, if you have a habit to "Walk your Dog" then you may set how many times a day to do that when creating the habit, this way the user gets to tap once whenever they walk their dog in the morning, then tap again in the evening when they walk their dog or as many times as they need to perform this habit per day.

- When creating a habit, we let the user select a motto/inspiration text, as well as habit color, icon, what time to get reminded, and what days of the week to perform this habit. Each habit supports only 1 reminder, or you can turn off the reminder if you don't want to get a notification for a specific habit.

- All habits and the progress is stored locally using the Core Data technology for Apple.

- The app has in-app purchases to allow users to unlock all Trending Habits, unlock the reminder notification feature, as well as remove the ads. In-App Purchases are handled via a private framework. This framework doesn't support subscriptions. You can use this framework for any other games/apps that you want to add in-app purchases. If you want auto-renewable subscriptions, please contact us or search for 'PurchaseKit by Apps4World' in order to get the full version of the PurchaseKit product. 


While this app is very powerful already, with a lot of features, you can definitely build more on top of this app. A great idea is to improve the stats flow, adding some charts or tiles to show the statistics month by month.

Also, it may be great for marketing purposes if you have some kind of badges/trophies when users meet a certain milestone and give users the options to share these trophies/milestones on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook because it's human nature to brag about our success.

If you have the budget, then you can definitely integrate some habits with Apple HealthKit, for example: "Walking 5,000 steps a day" habit can be automatically tracked via Apple HealthKit, where you can get the number of steps for a specific day, and automatically mark the habit as completed in the app.


If you need any assistance or customization work, don't hesitate to send us an email at support@apps4world.com 

As always, we wish you good luck with this product and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you could be the first one to know when a new app template is released.

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