Insta Stats

Do you have an app for Instagram?
This will be a huge feature to add. Or you can use this as a standalone app.

The app exactly as shown in the video demo below. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.
The app uses a private framework to fetch some of this data and the code for the framework will not be shared.

No Instagram API key needed, No Sign In needed.
Tap on the Top Right corner to enter any username.

The app will fetch details about the user and display the following details:
- Followers count
- Following count
- Top Liked posts (most recent 6 posts)
- Top Commented posts (most recent 6 posts)
- After you force closed the app and launch it again, It will tell you how many followers you've gained or lost since your last visit into the app.

The app will store the last entered username so next time you launch the app, it will get the latest details.
The app will store the latest Lost/Gained followers number and use those for the next app launch.
The app will detect if any changes happened in the Lost/Gained followers and display the new numbers, otherwise it will show the old Lost/Gained followers numbers.

Tapping on anything on the screen won't show more data.
You can't see a list of followers or people who unfollowed you, only the number of unfollowers/followers.

Price: $ 59
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Unlimited FREE support included.

Boost your app portfolio

Be ahead of the game and provide your users the tools they need. This app can drive lots of traffic as many Instagram users are worried about the unfollowers count as well as their Top Liked/Commented posts.