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Did you know that the QR Code Reader by TinyLab earned $1,000,000 in revenue? The QR Scanners are getting more popular every single year. This is a great opportunity for you to add a QR reader app to your portfolio and stand out with features like QR code colors, automatically open and compose emails, and open URLs.


The app as shown in the video demo. Feel free to ask questions before buying.
Assistance will be provided for any code-related questions.

The app has 3 main screens: History, which shows all QR codes scanned. Scan, which is the main scanning feature. Create, which allows you to create your own QR codes for URLs, text, and E-mail. QR Codes that contain email information, will compose an email automatically as soon as the code is scanned with this app. 


You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 12 installed. This app requires iOS 14+.
The entire app is built using SwiftUI. You will need a Google AdMob account for Interstitial ads that are shown in the app.



- The app will start with a simple welcome/onboarding screen, that shows the main features of the app. You can add more screens to this onboarding screen by providing an image, title, and subtitle for your new screens, then handle the 'Continue' button action. This onboarding screen will be displayed only 1 time.

- The history screen will display a list of previously scanned QR codes. You can tap on any item on the list to see more details about the scanned QR code. You will be able to delete or copy the QR code text from the scanned result screen.

- The scanner screen will scan QR codes only. You can modify the scan overlay in order to make the app stand out even more. As soon as the QR code is scanned, the app will show the Scanned Result screen which will display the text from the QR, the option to copy this text or delete this scanned result. The app will automatically open the URL if the QR code contains an URL. Also, a great feature is the e-mail composer, which will open the e-mail app and pre-populate the e-mail address, subject, and message if these are provided in the QR code.

- The app supports background and foreground color changes for the QR code. Whenever the Scanned Result screen is dismissed, a full-screen Interstitial AdMob ad will be presented. The app supports dark mode as well. See the video demo for more details.


Please ask questions if necessary before purchasing. If you need any help or a price for custom work, don't hesitate to contact us.

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