How to Hide Photos on iPhone?

The App Store always had a lot of apps intended to help users get a little more privacy when it comes to Photos. Just browse the Utilities, Photos, or Reference categories. You will see that there at least 1 Top app with hide photos feature. 

This app is even better. Very similar design to the existing Calculator app and more importantly, it supports iCloud syncing.


The full source code/app template exactly as shown in the video demo. Also a PDF file with high-level documentation on how the app works.

You will need a Mac computer with Xcode 11.6 installed. The app supports iOS 13+ and the Calculator part of the app is built in SwiftUI while the Vault feature is built using Storyboards, giving you more flexibility.
You will need a Paid developer account in order to use iCloud feature.

- The calculator is the main screen that users will see all the time when they launch the app. It's a semi-functional calculator that supports most operations. Keep in mind that we do not focus as much on the Calculator features, this app is strictly a photo vault app, to hide photos.

- The passcode is being set only once when the user launches the app for the very first time. To set the passcode, you must enter any number on the Calculator screen, then tap the button. You do the same thing to enter the vault, type in your passcode, then tap %.

The passcode is being stored in UserDefaults, iCloud, and/or Documents folder. So if the user deletes the app, then re-installs it, we can use the passcode stored in the iCloud folder in order to access the secret Photos.

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Secret Photo Vault

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